Our LatinXperience encompasses everything that we do with our LatinXplorers. Whenever possible, we love to create videos designed to showcase our ideas, events, community engagement and interaction, and everything in between. Have a look! 

Little Free Libraries 

Perhaps you've seen birdhouse-like structures at a park or running path with books inside. They are called Little Free Libraries and they help promote reading and literature within a community. Check out our video to see how they work and how they help increase a community's access to books.

The Importance of Playing With Toys

Playing with toys has many advantages and benefits. Although we are surrounded by devices and electronics, we must not forget that playing with actual, physical toys can help us excel in many aspects of life. From improving our motor skills to cognitive development, playing with toys has great perks. So put down your devices and pick up your favorite toy, but not before you watch our video!

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

Knowing how to wash your hands properly is important to keep yourself healthy and keep those around you healthy as well. Watch our video for a refresher on how to wash your hands!

The Plaza Theatre in El Paso

The Plaza Theatre in downtown El Paso has withstood the test of time. Recognized by the U.S. government as a Historic Building of Significance, the Plaza Theatre is one of El Paso's most iconic and beautiful buildings. Once saved from demolition, the Plaza Theatre holds much history and interesting facts.

Latinas and STEAM

Southwest LatinX recognizes the disproportional lack of women in STEAM-related fields, which is why we work with young Latinas in our community to expose them to fields such as robotics, engineering, coding, and software development. Check us out in action!

Freaky Friday, Ep. #1

Freaky Fridays is a spooky yet educational way of passing on local cultural folklore. These narrations help young LatinXs get to know the history of the greater El Paso area and about their heritage and cultural identity, all while being scared to their bones!

Happy National Banana Day!

April 15th is National Banana Day! There is much to know about one of the oldest, most popular fruits around. Watch Southwest LatinX's video to know more about the banana, one of the world's most appreciated foods! 

Make Your Own Spectroscope

Have an empty paper towel roll? Make more use of it by turning it into a spectroscope! A spectroscope is a device which measures the spectrum of different light sources. You'll be surprised at what you see! 

Uplifting Messages in Chalk

While we all continue to practice social distancing, you can still reach out to your friendly neighbors and leave them an uplifting message. Use washable chalk to leave positivity on their sidewalk! Parents and guardians, make sure to check with your neighbors first. A positive message can go a long way!


Southwest LatinX, home of the LatinXplorers, is a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. We focus on providing local LatinX youth with curated workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and community engagement efforts geared toward empowering their self-worth/self-esteem and cultural identity while enhancing their educational experience. We envision a prosperous future where more LatinXs comprise a larger percentage of lucrative industries and higher education. 


Southwest LatinX empowers the local youth in El Paso, Texas through education, technology, media, and community engagement. As a nonprofit organization, Southwest LatinX offers young Latinx the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in achieving success. We operate as a nondiscriminatory organization regardless of gender identity, disabilities, religions, and nationalities






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