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In November of 2019, Latinitas El Paso rebranded itself as Southwest LatinX, a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. In doing so, Southwest LatinX can be solely dedicated to the empowerment, enrichment, and success of our young LatinX community. Through the rebranding, Southwest LatinX will focus on the needs and requirements of our young El Pasoans and their families. Southwest LatinX recognizes both the cultural and social difference and distinctiveness of the El Paso community. In doing so, we design our efforts to address the unique needs of young El Pasoans.

Southwest LatinX takes pride in operating in a transnational community. Our efforts as an organization are designed to reflect the cultural beauty of the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez region. Many, if not most, of our young LatinXs are bilingual and bicultural. We as an organization believe that is where our greatest asset is as a community.

Our organization aspires to become a source of empowerment, support, and partnership for everyone involved. We adamantly believe in a stronger El Paso through STEAM-related curriculums, workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and events, all geared toward improving the conditions of our LatinX youth. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the past. We are also extremely excited to continue our expansion and our involvement with the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez people.

Southwest LatinX operates through collaborative partnerships and community involvement. We are looking forward to working with those who we've worked with in the past and to making new friends.

2020, we're ready for you!



Southwest LatinX, home of the LatinXplorers, is a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. We focus on providing local LatinX youth with curated workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and community engagement efforts geared toward empowering their self-worth/self-esteem and cultural identity while enhancing their educational experience. We envision a prosperous future where more LatinXs comprise a larger percentage of lucrative industries and higher education. 


Southwest LatinX empowers the local youth in El Paso, Texas through education, technology, media, and community engagement. As a nonprofit organization, Southwest LatinX offers young Latinx the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in achieving success. We operate as a nondiscriminatory organization regardless of gender identity, disabilities, religions, and nationalities






T: 915-229-6673

E: info@southwestlatinx.org

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