Southwest LatinX Calls For Local Artists To Donate Art

Southwest LatinX is calling local artists willing to donate their art pieces to our organization for an upcoming auctioning event. All of the accrued proceeds from the auction will be implemented toward our organization's programs, materials, and future curriculum development geared to benefit and service the greater El Paso community.

Southwest LatinX operates as a nonprofit organization. In order to continue servicing the members of our communities, particularly our young LatinX demographic, it is imperative for us to be creative in ways of secure our resources.

The donated art will be auctioned during a livestream event hosted by Southwest LatinX, scheduled for September 5, 2020, from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. through Zoom. One host will be showcasing the art pieces while the other provides insight into both the art piece and its respective artist including the artist's biography and professional history, and piece description. Additionally, the host will provide viewers with the artist's social media accounts and handles to help promote their work.

We at Southwest LatinX believe that art-in its various forms and variations-can help a community and its members thrive toward a more prosperous future. Through art, we find ways of telling stories, keeping memories, invoking thought, communicating emotion, and, especially during times of hardship, provide relief and comfort. Southwest LatinX supports the many various artistic ventures our community members have embarked on. It is through their art which the beauty, eccentricities, differences, and, overall, the love of El Pasoans manifests itself.

Some of our programs are designed to instill a sense of appreciation for art, especially local art and historical LatinX art, and introduce young LatinXs to art creation. Southwest LatinX strongly believes that art helps empower individuals through self-expression and self-identity, which is why we are asking our local artists to help us build our resources to ensure that our organization continues providing these opportunities to young LatinXs.

All of our efforts are designed to help build self-worth and self-appreciation while encouraging the building of confidence and the exploration of self-identity. We strive to provide our K-12 population the opportunities to get to know the world around them while also getting to know themselves.

If you are an artist willing to donate your art pieces, please fill out this form:

We thank you all for all of your support ahead of the event. We look forward to working with you all in making this event a success!



Southwest LatinX, home of the LatinXplorers, is a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. We focus on providing local LatinX youth with curated workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and community engagement efforts geared toward empowering their self-worth/self-esteem and cultural identity while enhancing their educational experience. We envision a prosperous future where more LatinXs comprise a larger percentage of lucrative industries and higher education. 


Southwest LatinX empowers the local youth in El Paso, Texas through education, technology, media, and community engagement. As a nonprofit organization, Southwest LatinX offers young Latinx the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in achieving success. We operate as a nondiscriminatory organization regardless of gender identity, disabilities, religions, and nationalities






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