Dia Del Niño Celebration: Southwest LatinX announces week-long activities

Parents and guardians of our LatinXplorers:

In Mexico, April 30th is observed as el Dia del Niño, or Children’s Day, where we celebrate and honor the children in the family. The day is also celebrated in the United States amongst Mexican and Mexican-American communities. On el Dia del Niño, children are given gifts, sweets and baked goods are prepared for them, and festivities are held to let the children know they are appreciated and loved. It has been a tradition in Mexican and Mexican-American culture since President Álvaro Obregón and Public Education Minister José Vasconcelos placed the Children’s Rights Declaration in Mexico on April 30th, 1925.

Southwest LatinX cares deeply about our community's children. Our organization continues to be dedicated to the empowerment and enrichment of our community’s LatinX youth. We remain focused on continuing our efforts of providing educational and developmental experiences for our participants. Their prosperity and safety is top priority. We encourage our community to continue celebrating Dia del Niño while also practicing social distancing and other mandates.

Because children have been incredibly enduring, brave, and understanding under these circumstances, Southwest LatinX will celebrate them not only on April 30th, but for an entire week beginning on Sunday, April 26th!

We have developed activities for each day of the week ending on May 2nd. The celebrations are as follows:

Sunday, 4/26: Some Day Sunday: Our dreams and goals begin to form at an early age. Does your child dream of becoming a doctor? A fire fighter? A magician? Have them dress the part and upload their photo to our Facebook page. Be creative! Find a gavel if they want to be a judge. Cook? Get a chef’s cap!

Monday, 4/27: Meme Monday: Memes are a great way of finding humor during hard times. Have children recreate or reenact their favorite meme. Please be mindful of what is appropriate or what is not. No obscenity, no cursing, no vulgarities. Post the pictures or videos on our Facebook page!

Tuesday, 4/28: Tik Tok Tuesday: Tik Tok is the newest social media trend, letting users create entertaining videos using the mobile app. Let your kid’s creativity flow by letting them make and edit their own videos. Once finished, share them on Tik Tok using #southwestlatinx. Who knows! Maybe they'll go viral!

Wednesday, 4/29: Rock the Quarantine: It’s time to rock! Dress up as your favorite rock star, put on your favorite rock song, and rock out! Take a video and/or photo and upload it to our Facebook page. We want to see how hard you all rock out!

Thursday, 4/30: Tie D.Y.I Thursday: Tie dye shirts are always in style! Let the kids get creative and fashionable by helping them make their own tie dye shirts! We want to see what awesome patterns and styles everyone comes up with. Upload your shirts to our Facebook page!

Friday, 5/1: Freaky Friday: Halloween may be months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good ol’ scare! Have the kids wear their scariest and freakiest costumes! Or paint their faces as witches and skulls! To end the school week, Southwest LatinX will narrate a spooky tale! That day, we’ll upload a link to the audio file. You just get the flashlights and popcorn ready.

Saturday, 5/2: Cat in The Hat Saturday: Dr. Seuss is a children’s literature legend! Many parents and guardians have read a Dr. Seuss book to their children. Let’s switch it up a bit and have the children read a Dr. Seuss book to their parent or guardian on the last day of our festivities. Take a picture of your reading session and upload it to our Facebook page!

We look forward to making not only el Dia del Niño memorable, but the entire week!

Southwest LatinX believes children have been incredibly brave during this tough time. Help us show them the appreciation and pride we have for each and every one of them.

More information regarding the week-long celebration will continue to be shared through our social media accounts, primarily through our Facebook page. Make to follow us and check on our posts for more information!



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