Developing Southwest LatinX's LatinXperience: Curating a Unique Experience for our LatinXplorers

Southwest LatinX refers to our participants as LatinXplorers, who are local LatinX youth in El Paso, Texas. Our organization offers them the opportunities to explore various educational and professional fields and industries, most of which, if not all, are STEAM-related. The LatinXplorer Xperience encompasses all educational and developmental curriculums, workshops, seminars, classes, events, and community engagement efforts offered by Southwest LatinX. Through the LatinXplorer Xperience, Southwest LatinX connects K-12 youth in El Paso with individuals, other organizations, local department, and businesses in various fields to expand their knowledge and facilitate their social development.

The LatinXplorer Xperience is designed and structured to enforce the importance of overall success for each of LatinXplorers. Our ultimate goal for the LatinXperience is to increase LatinX enrollment in higher-education and secure future involvement with fields such as engineering, computer sciences, and technological development. Each project is carefully designed to amplify the capabilities of our participants to increase their chances of overall personal enrichment. We also strive to teach our LatinXplorers the importance of a positive self-esteem, cultural identity, and cultural appreciation.

Southwest LatinX operates in a border city with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where the majority of the community is binational, bicultural, and transnational. While living in such a unique setting has its benefits, our community disproportionally faces educational and personal setbacks including poverty, limited access to resources, language barriers, and possible drug abuse, disruption in school enrollment, and mental health issues in their adolescence.

To address these issues, Southwest LatinX created the LatinXperience to help our LatinXplorers focus on positive and educational experiences. Our hope is that they will forever cherish the experiences they had with our organization and use them to establish a fruitful adulthood.

Previously, our LatinXplorers have been introduced to material involving geography, mathematics, literature, science, technology, engineering as well as arts and humanities, providing them with a cohesive and well-rounded perspective of modern society.

We are currently further developing the LatinXperience to offer our LatinXplorers even more options to explore their academic and educational curiosities. Today's young LatinXs have more opportunities to engage with information and educational material through the development of social media and technology if navigated responsibly. In order to continue to adapt, Southwest LatinX is continuously identifying opportunities to learn from local El Paso departments, organizations, businesses, school districts, and professionals to facilitate the learning experience for our participants in a safe and responsible manner.

For 2020, we have events planned where our LatinXplorers will further learn about geography, familiarize themselves with nutrition and cooking, explore the world of engineering, and participate in literature courses.

We are extremely excited to expand our LatinXperience and continue to serve our young LatinXplorers. If you have any questions or want to share an idea with us, reach out to



Southwest LatinX, home of the LatinXplorers, is a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. We focus on providing local LatinX youth with curated workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and community engagement efforts geared toward empowering their self-worth/self-esteem and cultural identity while enhancing their educational experience. We envision a prosperous future where more LatinXs comprise a larger percentage of lucrative industries and higher education. 


Southwest LatinX empowers the local youth in El Paso, Texas through education, technology, media, and community engagement. As a nonprofit organization, Southwest LatinX offers young Latinx the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in achieving success. We operate as a nondiscriminatory organization regardless of gender identity, disabilities, religions, and nationalities






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