This Is What We Expect

We love having fun at Southwest LatinX. However, everything we do is geared toward an end-goal, to increase LatinX enrollment in higher-education, lucrative work fields, and overall success.

Our Goals and Expectations

Generate a statistically-accurate report detailing the community's need for youth-centric organizational involvement in order to offer children and young adults opportunities to further their education and development away from the traditional school setting.

Construct an insightful metrical representation of the number of young participants benefiting from the project and their distinctive attributes, including age, gender-identity, living situation, economical situation, etc.

Use intersectionality to develop an understanding of different service needs involving the community's youth for both our organization's benefit as well as that of other local entities including social work offices, local school districts, other organizations, and local government.

Statistically monitor uninterrupted school enrollment with our participants and any factors which complicate continuity. Consequently, this is also to provide a statistical reflection of the number of students who experience interrupted school enrollment.

Construct an overview of which project manifestations, i.e. events, community engagement efforts, programs, are successful at establishing interest and enthusiasm in children and young adults and which are lacking of those two aspects.

Establish a high level of trust and confidence with our participants and their parents/guardians to provide safe spaces and environments designed to encourage positive social development, moral code building, and effective public engagement monitored by on-site social workers.

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