From Gen to Gen

Hello LatinXplorers,

We will be having an event for you to get to know another generation! Across different workshops we will learn all about your grown-ups past and how life was when they were growing up. This event will be split up into different sessions:

Sections 1-2: Ready, Set, Ask!
- Here students will develop a questionaire for their parents or grandparents to learn about their generation.

Sections 3-4: Literacy
- Now we will take those answers from the previous section and create a story of how you think your parents lived before.

Sections 5-6: Creativity
- Using that story we will create a piece of art. Transfoming the story into a picture, video, or poem. You choose how to bring your story to life!


Date: March 20th ~ May

Price: $10

Age: 8+

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LatinXplorers Camp!!

Camp will be held Tuesday-Friday 10 AM-2 PM beginning July 13th, and ending July 30th. Parents have the option to select either Tuesdays and Thursdays OR Wednesdays and Fridays for their campers. Please make your selection of either the purple group or the green group.

Purple Group- Tuesdays and Thursdays

Green Group- Wednesdays and Friday

Our goal of camp is to empower our campers self esteem and self worth. We want our campers to be prepared to re-integrate back into school and with peers following Covid. Participants will spend camp time learning and operating a 3D printer as well as many STEM and coding robotic related activities. We will also focus on mental and physical health during engaging exercises. Our lessons will help our campers gain knowledge on potential degrees and certifications towards their future goals and careers.

Date: July 13th- July 30th

Price: $20+

Age: 8-13

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LatinXplorers in Tech: Girls Code Too!

Join us for our LatinXplorers in Tech: Girls Code Too! where we give young girls the opportunity to Xplore the world of Computer Science in Code!

Southwest LatinX provides different opportunities for our local youth to gain insight on the numerous career opportunities that come with different college degrees. Along with this knowledge we include hands-on activities related to those careers all while incorporating every day skills to assist with advancement along with self-awareness, character and self-esteem building, college readiness, communication, and expression. 

Registered participants will receive a package of materials needed to partake in sessions. Sessions will be conducted remotely (computer and internet along with email access will be required). Six sessions will take place starting July 31st and will end December 18th. Participants will receive multiple reminders via email and/or text messages within the week prior to the sessions. 

Bianca Alvarez, Leading Instructor.

Alvarez is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Computer Science. 

LatinXplorers in Tech: Girls Code Too! is proudly supported by NCWIT AspireIT

Date: July 31st - December 18th

Price: $10

Age: 7 - 16

El Paso Giving Day


El Paso Giving Day is here! It's that time of year where we celebrate the services provided by local nonprofits throughout El Paso. 

At Southwest LatinX, we provide services such as after-school programs, workshops, conferences, college readiness, skill prep, career development and so much more. Our programs help us build children’s self-esteem, self awareness and cultural awareness, expression, empowerment, and help improve many other areas. Our goal is to foster an environment conducive to growth for our youth so that they may have the self worth and confidence within themselves to pursue a positive path to success.

Give your support today in donating to our cause at 


where you too can take part in the growth of successful futures.

Date: October 15th

Price: Any!

Age: All

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